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Founded 1990
Incorporated 1998
Population 19.5 million
Tallest Building Coastline Resort Tower
Highest Elevation 653 ft.
Country Iquiq
State Edzanto
County Unknown
Township Unknown
Part of the
Northern Iquiq Region

Yunoagin (Yoo-noh-a-gihn) is the largest city in the country of Iquiq. The city, with a population of 19.5 million people, is also the second-largest city on the continent of Arctic, only behind North Point City, North Point. The city also contains the tallest building in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet, Coastline Resort Tower. The tower, which stands at 3,143 feet tall, is the third-largest on the planet. The city holds several records: most skyscrapers in a skyline, most visited tourist location, and the most ethnic diversity in one city. The ethnic diversity of Yunoagin can be easily compared to that of New York City's diversity.

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