Since this year is the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, I decided to create a list of the worst races.

Best Races


By far one of the best races and of many firsts. Tom Sneva broke 200 miles per hour, and Janet Guthrie became the first woman to qualify. A.J. Foyt made his fourth win. Ranked 1.


The 1946 race only featured two crashes, which none were fatal. This was the first appearance of the race after WWII. George Robson won. Ranked 2.


No crashes occurred until lap 149, being a record for the race. Though with 9 laps remaining, Townsend Bell crashed into the wall, causing a red flag to be put out. Ryan Hunter-Reay won. Ranked 3.



By far the worst race to occur at the track. Two fatalities and 20+ injuries occurred. Swede Savage died on July 2, 1973 after being in the hospital after a horrific crash that occurred in turn 4. His car exploded from methanol fuel and stopped burning after a matter of ten minutes. Armando Terran, a pit crew member, was struck by a firetruck in the pit lane to help Savage. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Another notable crash to occur was a multi-car crash involving Salt Walther, who sustained injuries. The race was cancelled, with Gordon Johncock as the winner. Ranked 1.


Two fatalities occurred in the 1964 race from one crash. Eddie Sachs and Dave MacDonald both died from a powerful crash that caused both cars to ignite into flames, which soon became an explosion. Ranked 2.


Several crashes occurred in 1992. Michael Andretti suffered a crash where he broke his legs. Mario Andretti also had a crash too. Ranked 3.

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