aka Lord McSheep

  • I live in Vista, CA
  • I was born on January 5
  • My occupation is Being a very good sheep
  • I am a beautiful sheep
  • SuperDestructiveTwister

    If you want to classify buildings kinda like me, here is my regimen. Also you dont have to do the sane colors i just use those so yea.

    Megatall= 2,500+ ft color= flamingo pink

    Supertall= 2,000 - 2,499 ft color= wild watermelon

    Very tall= 1,500 – 1,999 ft color=paris daisy

    Tall= 1,000 – 1,499 ft color=lime

    Medium= 500 – 999 ft color=teal

    Short= 250 – 499 ft color=fuchsia blue

    Very short= 249> ft color=midnight blue

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  • SuperDestructiveTwister


    February 20, 2016 by SuperDestructiveTwister

    I am currently making a page of the tallest buildings in Trivinnia . Please submit names you would to see be the names of my skyscrapers. Have a nice day!

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