Ulimate Boxing 200 was an events held on July 22, 2017 by Ulimate Boxing it feature 9 matches

Matches Edit

Competiters Time Round Title Match W/L/T (after fight)
Ronda Rousey (c) def Holly Holm 2:23 3 for Womens Title Rousey 44-0 Hom 3-1
Douglas Genova def Floyd Master 1:10 1 No Genova 1-0 Master 0-1
CM Punk (def Ku-Lu (c) 4:30 4 Welter Weight Title Punk 21-0 Lu 9-2
Barry Weigts (c) def Stever Gula jr 5:50 1 for Light Weight Title Wights 6-6 Gula jr. 66-1
Amanda Nunes def Miesha Tate (c) 3:00 4 Strape Weight Womens Title Nunes 1-99 Tate 56-4
Aiko and Jay def Wray and Genova 6:00 Overtime No Aiko and Jay 1-0 Wray and Genova 88-66
Hiroshi Iiish (c) def Eric Genova 3:33 2 Middleweight Title Iiish 45-9 Genova 4-1
Hank Dolce def Layten Holland 3:33 1 No Dolce 1-100 Holland 56-1
Ben Wray def Steve Gula (c) 01:00 1 World Title Wray 9-10 Gula 1000-1

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