This page documents all names of tropical cyclones for each basin on the planet Titan.

North Cookie OceanEdit

The North Cookie Ocean has six naming lists. The lists were created in 2009, with the first name being a girl name, and the last name being a boy name.

Ava Ben Celeste Donald Elena Fred Genevieve Hugo Ida Julian Kay
Leonard Melissa Noah Ora Percy Renée Scott Trinity Vincent Wanda
Arnold Bernice Cole Donna Ethan Fatima Greg Hilda Ivan Jane Kyle
Lori Michael Nina Orion Pamela Roland Stephanie Todd Vanessa Wilfred
Ana Bret Cara Donovan Emily Frank Gracie Herman Irene Jim Kayla
Linus Marcia Nate Odalys Patrick Rebecca Stephen Tina Vernon Wilma
Aaron Bonnie Chad Dolly Earl Fiona Gavin Hannah Ike Judith Kevin
Lisa Marco Natalie Omar Patty Reginald Sara Tyler Violet William
Amelia Barry Chantal Dillon Ella Fernando Gina Harold Imogen Jacques Kelly
Larry Michelle Nigel Odile Pete Rosie Seth Tammy Vance Winnie
Alfred Betty Carl Denise Elijah Faith Gerald Hortense Isaac Jemima Ken
Lauren Marvin Nora Owen Penelope Roger Stella Timothy Veronica Wiley

Eastern Milk OceanEdit

The Eastern Milk Ocean has three naming lists.

Antonio Bailey Carlos Deanna Evan Fernanda Gene Hilda Ivo Joan Kenny
Lola Marty Nova Olaf Paula Ryan Sandy Tristan Vivian Winston
Anita Bob Christina Dean Edna Floyd Greta Henri Isabel Juan Katrina
Lenny Madeline Norbert Opal Paul Rita Stan Tanya Vito Willa
Andrew Betsy Caesar Diana Eric Florence George Heidi Isaiah Joy Kurt
Lilith Matthew Noelle Otis Pandora Raymond Selma Thomas Vicky Winthrop

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