Very Populous Port

Trivinnia from Cold Sea of Golersta
Founded 1568
Incorporated 1568
Population 14,029,283
Tallest Building Trivinnia Tower (2,106 feet/702m)
Highest Elevation -07 feet
Country Quextin
State Golersta
County Trivinnia
Township None
Part of the
East Coast of Quextin Region
Trivinnia (truh-vin-e-uh) is located on the lowest point on the island of Quextin, the largest city on Quextin, and second largest metropolitan area: Trivinnia-Lolas, with 15193,675 inhabitants. Since the city faces the Cold Sea of Golersta, tropical cyclones and severe thunderstorms are extremely rare.

History Edit

80 years after the founding of Pierra, the grandchildren of Charles Quextin tracked to the other side of Quextin. Once to the west coast of Quextin, the named the sea they faced "Cold Sea of Golersta", after Alexandria Golersta, the head of the expedition. In 1566 , Alexandria divided Quextin into two states, New Gilberto and Golersta. They founded a settlement in 1568 they named "Trivinnia", after the name of Alexandria's dog.

Geography Edit

Most of the city lays at or below sea level. Fortunately, they only get rain heavy enough to flood around tw0 or three times in the Winter. Even then, the city has an intricate system of drains that drains the waters before significant flooding occurs. Unfortunately, the city lays on extremely loose sediment, gravel, and sand. This is bad because the city is on the most rifts on Xinnia. The largest earthquake on Xinnia occurred here in 1872, a 9.7.

Climate Edit

In the late Spring, Summer, and early Fall, average high temperatures here range between 75 and 95 degrees and the weather is dry. In July, August, and October, the temperature can spike to the triple digits. The highest temperature here was on August 17, 1988, at 109 degrees Fahrenheit. From late October to early April, the average high temperatures are between 55 and 75 degrees, though at night the city can dip to around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest temperature here was on December 4, 1928, where it dipped to 26 degrees at night. Most rainfall occurs between November and March. Snow has fallen only twice in history in Trivinnia; 1737 and 1954.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Rec. High (F) 87 92 95 99 100 102 105 109 104 106 101 93 109
Rec. Low (F) 29 31 36 39 40 44 45 48 46 42 37 30 26
Ave. Rain (in) 2.4 2.1 1.6 1.1 .5 .2 0 0 .1 .7 1.3 3.3 13.3

2015 Earthquake Edit

On March 26, 2015, a colossal earthquake leveled the West Coast of Quextin. Thousands deaths occurred as far East as Pierra. The earthquake caused $482 billion in damages (2015 USD) and killed over 9,000. Fortunately the quake occurred on land and did not cause a tsunami.