South Indiana is a state in the Midwest and the 51st state to gain statehood status. South Indiana consists of 38 former counties of Indiana. The capital is Bedford, a town with a population of 13,380, which makes the city the second-smallest state capital, only behind Montpelier. The whole state had a population of 1,562,060 as of 2013.


Map showing the results of secession.

History Edit

In late 2015, people in Indiana took a vote to succeed from the state. 73 out of 92 counties were in favor of secession, however 11 counties were not in favor and 8 were neutral. By March 2016, all three sections of Indiana became individual states.

Cities by population Edit

No. City Population Year
1 Evansville 120,310 2013
2 Bloomington 82,575 2013
3 Terre Haute 61,025 2013
4 Jeffersonville 45,929 2013
5 Columbus 45,775 2013
6 New Albany 36,803 2013
7 Clarksville 21,838 2013
8 Seymour 18,866 2013
9 Vincennes 18,069 2013
10 Jasper 15,309 2013

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