Six Flags Evansville is one of three amusement parks in South Indiana. Located in Evansville, South Indiana, it contains over 50 rides, including five roller coasters. The amusement park is home to the Viper, which attains speeds up to 78 mph (125.529 km/h) and has two loops.

History Edit

In March 2016, a family started a family amusement park. They hired workers to build rides. Since then, the park has been thriving with rides and games. Six Flags purchased the amusement park in May 2016.

Roller Coasters Edit

The Viper Edit

The Viper was the second wing coaster, only being behind the Thunderbird at Holiday World in nearby Santa Claus. It has a 125 ft. descent down the first of five hills, reaching speeds of over 78 mph. The Viper is the fastest roller coaster in the park. It is also one of the most intense roller coasters in the world, according to many critics.

Planet X Edit

The Planet X roller coaster is a steel roller coaster that is located in the northwest corner of the park. The ride reaches a top speed of 54 mph (86.9046 km/h), which makes it the third fastest roller coaster in the park. The roller coaster also has 5 inversions, the most of any ride in the park.

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