Sir Woodrow Kayman Jr was an explorer, known as the Founder of Kayland. In 1977, he died in a plane crash. He was 67 years old.

Birth Edit

On January 4, 1910, Kayland was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Early Life Edit

During his childhood, Kayman spent most his time outdoors, exploring his backyard. He wood go into the woods behind his house, where he would build small forts using the branches he found.

Voyages Edit

On June 11, 1929, at age 19, Kayman took his first trip from his home across the Atlantic ocean. During the trip, he would eventually crash into an iceberg near Antarctica. Luckily, 2 days later he was rescued by another explorer, who offered him a ride back home. On February 2, 2032, he successfully explored Antarctica and made it home without any accidents. From that point on, he would spend much his life exploring the world.

Kayland Edit

In 1974, Kayman spent much of his time researching an unnamed, unexplored island in the Arctic Ocean. In 1975, he would travel to the island, in hopes of making it his own country named Kayland. The trip was a success, and on February 23, The first family moved to Kayland. The country continued growing over the years, and as of today, the country continues to grow. Kayman would be named the founder of Kayland, and became very well known for it.