Sandy was the 3rd state founded in OUS after Bedford and Colossians. Sandy has the 2nd most counties, even though it is the smallest out of the 11 states.

Vital statistics
Type OUS State
Level 12,887 feet (Mt. Vazzñÿ)
Location About 10°N 40°W
Founded January 26, 2010
Inhabitants 3,968,422



In 2000, Parman tribes, mainly the Stro'qgo'qse (strong ones), invaded the small new colony of Sunset. Pony settlers had come to the unknown place in 1995. The Stro'qgo'qse (stroh•goh•keys) defeated the town of Beÿkjeenehuèeæ (Ponynese for Brokenheart) (Pronunciation: bay•yahk•jee•ne•he•yuh•yahy). Ponynese people fled to the village of Cleèevèggey (Clear Valley).

The Stro'qgo'qse came again, but the Pony settlers won. The two groups of people decided to sign the Treaty of Sandy, a treaty to allow all people of different places on the land. The first town was planted in the northwestern end called Inglenook City, which is now in present-day Arch County. In 2002, a large F4 tornado tracked 71 miles across Sandy, killing 94 people. The tornado caused major destruction reaching over $1 billion in damages.

The second city was planted in the southwestern end in 2004 called Roanoke, which is now in present-day Wilcox County. In 2006, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit where Sandy Beach is today.

The people of Sandy learned to speak English when the person by the name Jeffery Gong came to the city of Inglenook. The first state capital was established as St. Johnston, which is in Wray County. St. Johnston was the state capital until 2009 when Sandy Beach became the capital on June 2.


The 68th and final county was formed on January 1, 2010, which was Inez County. The territory was selected to become a state on January 25, 2010, but wasn't officially until the next day. Sandy became the third state after Colossians and Bedford. Sandy was the most eastern state at the time until North Sandy became a state three years later.

The state saw a large rise in population in the 2010 census from 103,018 people to 988,674 people. In 2011, an F5 tornado destroyed homes across the state, killing 28 people. The tornado caused a financial crisis in the state from 2011-13, causing a small unemployment crisis in the state too. Flying cars will be coming in 2016 according to the current governor, Ike Gireere.

Counties and County Seats Edit

  1. Abbey County, Goodnight
  2. Adams County, Wrightsville
  3. Arch County, Inglenook City
  4. Axis County, Sandy Beach
  5. Bay County, Nièoe'qröèbob
  6. Berlin County, Berlin