Rzaurq'inflöp'inxöo is a state in Istan. The capital of the state is Gtùoapz.


The location of Rzaurq'inflöp'inxöo in Istan.



In the year of 1805, settlers from Northern Istan came to Eastern Istan. The areas known as "P'inxpzxaöguorrzau Grounds" had many P'inxpzxaöguorrzau Tribe Indians. The natives got along with the settlers and made the city of Ÿö-ÿöuö'rw'in.


In 1901, a major hurricane caused thousands of dollars in damages, killing 1 person. The hurricane was Category 5 strength and hit the state. It tipped over a ship, one of which that was carrying oil and caused a major oil spill. The 1970s were a major bloom in music. The Yo-yo Disco genre was the most popular. The #1 songs of the 1970s in Istan and in Rzaurq'inflöp'inxöo were S'eös'es'ep'in' Ízllöö'ina (known as Poppin' Balloons in OUS), Xzx'inÿ'a Aö'inh, and Xzxùr Lpflör ÿöt 'Inrvrq Ozvr. The 1980s was the decade of the Vivid Vibe Pop and Rock. The #1 songs were As'ep'in, Glÿp'in Uoqötho uor Aflöÿ (Flying through the sky in OUS), Xpaùö ízll (known as Disco Ball in OUS), and Qphou, Qphou, Qphou (Zqöt'inx Or). The 1990s ended with the state becoming a territory.


In 2005, Rzaurq'inflöp'inxöo became a state.