Rainstorm Eta was a rainstorm that severely affected parts of Alaska in late July 2016. The 29th system of the annual season, Eta formed from the extra-tropical remains of Tropical Storm Lupit in the Western Pacific. Eta was also the seventh major storm of the season. Eta was also the longest lasting rainstorm ever recorded.

Eta 2016

Eta over the Gulf of Alaska.

Meteorological historyEdit

On July 24, the remaining Tropical Storm Lupit in the Western Pacific dissipated. The remnants traveled quickly over the Northwestern Pacific to Alaska, where the storm was named Eta. Eta stayed stationary over the Anchorage area, where 15" of rain fell. Eta also reached a record low pressure of 1002 millibars, beating the previous record set by Hurricane Darby. Eta continued to linger over the Anchorage area until July 27, when the convection began to weaken. Eta weakened rapidly on July 28 and dissipated on the next day.

Eta 2016 radar

Eta on radar, as provided by the Weather Center of Buddhaland.

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