Motto: "Fear the people, for we are strong."

Quextin from Space
Founded 1462
Language Quextish (English)
Population 38,293,815
Religion Christianity
Highest Elevation 10,923 (Mount Verzin)
Planet Xinnia
Continent Zearsom
Currency USD
Capital Fedsca
Anthem "Fear the people"
Quextin (QUICKS-TIN) is located in the continent of Zeasorn (ZEE-SORN) on Xinnia Planet (ZIN-E-A). The largest metropolitan area is the Pierra-Sesco metroplitan area, 16,293,018 people. The largest city is Trivinnia.

History Edit

In 1482, a group of Explores settled on the east coast of the island. They made a settlement and named it Pierra, after their boat, Pierra IV. They named the island Quextin, after their leader, Charles Quextin.

Geography Edit

Quextin's highest point is Mount. Verzin, 10,923 feet. The lowest point is the Trivinnia Coast, 76 feet below sea level.

Climate Edit

Quextin's east coast frequently gets hit by severe thunderstorms and major tropical cyclones. Cyclone Christopher in 2008 leveled a portion of New Gilberto State.

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