Pon Pon, Rettinaro

The colorful buildings of Pon Pon.
Founded 1987
Incorporated 1989
Population 1.3 million
Tallest Building Rettinaro Capital Tower
Highest Elevation 12,863 ft.
Country Iquiq
State Rettinaro
County Division No. 16
Township None
Part of the
Central Mountain Region

Pon Pon is the capital city of the Rettinaro Province in Iquiq. The population of Pon Pon was 1.3 million, making Pon Pon the sixth-largest city in Iquiq. Pon Pon was found in 1987, and is the oldest settlement in the whole entire country.


The city was found in 1987 by Erican von Stouitizan and his crew. Pon Pon was the first capital of Iquiq from 1988 to 1996. Through the 1991-2006 censuses, Pon Pon grew rapidly.

Historical population countEdit

Year Population Change
1991 369 0%
1996 92,330 249.2%
2001 324,216 25.1%
2006 835,923 157.8%
2011 1,124,132 34.4%
2016 1,300,085 15.6%


Pon Pon occasionally gets hit by major blizzards due to its location in the mountains. Pon Pon rarely gets hit by tornadoes and hurricanes.

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