Planets Edit

A Edit

Apollo Edit

  • Apollo is near the planet Titan
  • Apollo appears cyan
  • Apollo orbits a cyan sun

    Apollo seen in 2012.

Arial Edit

  • Arial orbits a sun similar to Earth's
  • Arial is a large purple gas giant
  • Arial has a high altitude atmosphere.
  • Arial has no moons
  • Arial is the largest planet in the Fern Galaxy solar system.

    Arial as seen from OUS spacecraft, Tundra.

Atlas Edit

  • Atlas is very large.
  • Atlas has 17 red rings.
  • Atlas orbits a light pink sun.
  • Atlas looks slightly like the sun.

    Atlas from the High Rise telescope in Polar.

  • Atlas is Yellow
  • Atlas has 2 moons.

B Edit

There are no B named planets right now.

C Edit

Cabeiri Edit

  • Cabeiri is brown
  • Cabeiri is very large
  • Cabeiri has 5 moons.

    Cabeiri when it was first discovered in 1997.