Metro Port

Pierra skyline from water front
Founded 1482
Incorporated 1482
Population 9,028,373
Tallest Building Carmaria Plaza (1,274 feet/424m)
Highest Elevation 630 feet above sea level
Country Quextin
State New Gilberto
County Sesco
Township None
Part of the
West Coast of Quextin Region
Pierra (PIE-E-RA), New Gilberto, Quextin (QUICKS-TIN) is the second largest city, first being Trivinnia, in in the country of Quextin. With over 9 million inhabitants, Pierra is a metropolitan port/business/residential city.

History Edit

In 1482, a group of explores from Brendinia, Xinnia Planet, came across a a moderate sized island, naming it Quextin, after famous explorer Charles Quextin. They settles on the east coast of the island, unknowingly settling on a ticking-time bomb. They named their settlement Pierra, after Pierra IV, the boat they used to travel to Quextin.

Geography Edit

Pierra is nestled a few miles in front of the largest mountain range in Quextin, the Vihays. Other then that, the highest point in the city is Mount. Neargo, 2,932 ft. Pierra faces the Aldera Ocean. Trading with other countries is crucial, as the city is land locked. That's why the city is ranked the 3rd busiest port city on Xinnia.

Climate Edit

Pierra has had a history of both hurricanes and severe thunderstorms. The city has been hit by two Historic tornadoes, both rated EF5. Once on April 31, 2001, and October 5, 2012. The city has also been hit by multiple strong tropical cyclones, and many more non-violent cyclones. The worst being Cyclone Christopher, in 2008.

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