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Founded 2014
Incorporated 2015
Population 685
Tallest Building Unknown
Highest Elevation 837 ft.
Country OUS
State Bedford
County Minnesota
Township On
Part of the
Southern Hills & Lowlands Region

On, Bedford is a town and the county seat of Minnesota County. It had a population of 685 as of the 2015 census.


In 2014, a group of people came from nearby Wilcox County to settle. They platted the town on top of a hill and was named On. The town grew quite slowly, but became the county seat on July 11, 2015. On was hit by an F2 tornado on December 26, 2015. On was rated #17 on the "Best Places to live in OUS" in 2016.


On is a part of the Minnesota County School System (MCSS), and it has 6 schools:

  • On Elementary School
  • On Middle School
  • Minnesota County High School
  • Rice Elementary School
  • Trust Elementary School
  • John E. Hearring Elementary School

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