November 19th, 2032 Tornado Outbreak
Quextin Tornado
An EF3 tornado in Saskatchewan
Some attributes
First November 19th, 2032
Second 7 hours, 26 minutes
Third EF5
Other attributes
Fourth $2.6 billion ($1 billion from hail, $? from derecho, $? from flooding, 2016 USD)
Fifth 61 deaths tornado related, 1 death hail related
Sixth Saskatchewan, Montana, North Dakota

The November 19th, 2032 Tornado Outbreak was a 7 hour long severe weather event that affected north-central US and south-central Canada. Along with many tornadoes, large hail, up to grapefruit size, fell down, along with torrential rain, and high winds. 2 derechoes also occurred. The outbreak was also very deadly and costly. This tornado outbreak was produced the first F5/EF5 tornado in the month of November.

Synopsis Edit

November 19 Edit

Early in the morning around 6:00 AM (central time), a band of thunderstorms formed west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Environment Canada issued thunderstorm warnings and watches as well as tornado watches for central and southern Saskatchewan. At around 7:30, the storms exploded, and became severe. Baseball size hail fell in a wide area from Davidson, Saskatchewan to Regina, Saskatchewan. A downburst caused severe tree damage in downtown Regina. At 8:19, the first tornado touched down near Moose Jaw, causing only minor damage. A few other tornadoes touched down in southern Saskatchewan, including an EF3 that killed 3 people. The storms reached northern Montana at around 9:00 AM, and the NWS issued a widespread severe thunderstorm watch from Montana to South Dakota. Tornadoes began touching down at around 9:45 AM, and at 10:17, the first violent tornado of the outbreak touched down. For almost 2 hours, it caused severe EF4 damage, and finally dissipated near Wiliston, North Dakota at 11:59 AM. The storms peak near Wiliston, North Dakota at around 12:40, where an EF5 tornado destroyed 95% Wiliston, North Dakota. The storms then rapidly weakened, and became meek rainstorms at around 2:00 PM. Another supercell formed at 11PM, and caused a small hailstorm, but dissipated at 11:30PM.

In total the 19th was the 2nd most active day. Widespread hail, high winds, and tornadoes were recorded. Microbursts and downbursts were also reported.

Tornadoes Edit

List of confirmed tornadoes - Friday, November 19th, 2032
Time (West Coast Time)
Path Length (miles)
Maximum Path Width (yards)
Estimated Damage (2016 USD)
EF0 S of Moose Jaw None 8:16 AM - 8:19 AM 1.4 miles 75 yards (225 ft) $10 The first tornado of the outbreak caused minor damage south of Moose Jaw. Several small trees were snapped and a telephone pole was blown down.
EF0 NNE OF Regina None 8:27 AM - 8:27 AM .1 miles 6 yards (18 ft) $0 Very brief tornado caused no damage near Regina.
EF2 Avonlea None 8:37 AM - 8:45 AM 4.8 miles 140 yards (420 ft) $750,000 The first strong tornado of the outbreak blew down a water tower on the north side of town. A large tree fell onto a bus pulled over to seek shelter, injuring 9. An estimated 100 buildings were damaged, with 30 of them majorly. Rated High-end EF2.
EF1 N of Wilcox None 9:02 AM - 9:05 AM 1.1 miles 267 yards (711 ft) $500 A weak cone tornado snapped trees north of Wilcox. A shed was blown away and one house sustained roof damage.
EF3 N of Ogema to Khedive None 9:17 AM - 9:28 AM 20.4 miles 691 yards (2073 ft) $5,000,0000 3 deaths A half-mile wide wedge tornado caused severe damage near Ogema and Khedive. A house in Pangman was badly damaged, with only 2 interior walls left. Trees north of Ogema were debarked, with some 1 foot in diameter trees blown away. Cars were thrown hundreds of feet and were mangled beyond recognition. Winds were estimated at 155MPH. 3 people were killed in Pangman on 3 separate occasions.
EF1 S of Big Beaver None 9:36 AM - 9:40 AM .9 miles 28 yards (84 ft) $200 A small tornado snapped small trees around the Saskatchewan-Montana border. A Canada-USA border was also lightly damaged. A camping RV was also flipped, injuring the occupant.
EF0 Estevan None 11:14 AM - 11:18 AM .3 miles 19 yards (57 ft) $0 A weak tornado snapped a few trees and damaged a pole barn.
EF1 SW of Scobey Daniels 9:45 AM - 9:48 AM 1.2 miles 42 yards (126 ft) $150,800 A rope tornado snapped a few large pine trees. A pivot sprinkler was mangled and a house had half it's roof peeled off.
EF0 S of Flaxville Daniels 9:51 AM - 9:52 AM .2 miles 8 yards (24 ft) $0 A brief landspout broke off a large tree limb.
EF0 SE of Navajo Daniels 10:01 AM - 10:04 AM .8 miles 72 yards (216 ft) $120,000 A cone tornado severely damaged a pivot sprinkler and completely destroyed a metal storage unit. Outhouses were also destroyed, and a few small trees suffered limb damage.
EF4 From S of Outlook to SE of Williston Sheridan, Williams (ND) 10:17 AM - 11:59 AM 95.8 miles 482 yards (1446 ft) $450,000,000 19 Deaths - See section Below
EF1 SE of Raymond Sheridan 10:25 AM - 10:27 AM .8 miles 271 yards (813 ft) $10,550 A weak, short-lived but fast multiple-vortex tornado snapped a few trees in between Raymond and Dooley. 3 steel grain silos on a ranch outside of Raymond were blown away, along with half the roof of the farm house.
EF3 From N of Coalridge to E of Dagmar Sheridan 10:33 AM - 10:45 AM 95.8 miles 352 yards (1056 ft) $11,500,000 A large stovepipe tornado touched down north of Coalridge, and moved directly south, straight through the heart of the town. Multiple homes sustained high-end EF3 damage, with a few unanchored homes being swept away. In Coalridge, 4 animals were killed, and 3 people were injured. The tornado continued towards Dagmar, uprooting trees, mangling irrigation systems, destroying countless farm structures, and even picking up and tossing an unanchored barn. The tornado weakened, and dissipated near Dagmar. In total, 6 animals were killed, and 14 peaople were injured. Winds up to 196MPH were reported in an open field outside of Dagmar.
EF0 E of Dagmar Sheridan 10:45 AM - 10:45 AM <0.01 miles 3 yards (9 ft) $0 A very brief landspout touched down just a few feet from the Montana/North Dakota Border. No damage occurred.
EF1 S of Fairview Richland 12:42 PM - 12:44 AM .7 miles 52 yards (156 ft) $400,000 A multiple vortex cone tornado blew down and snapped countless trees and power poles. Many buildings sustained some kind of roof or wall damage. The Fairview Airport also sustained minor damage. 2 were injured. This was the last tornado recorded in Montana during the outbreak.
North Dakota
EF3 From Grenora to Hanks Williams 11:22 AM - 11:31 AM 6.9 miles 631 yards (1893 ft) $5,000,000 1 death A wedge EF3 tornado followed directly on top of the I-50 E and caused major damage to the south edges of Grenora and Hanks. The worst damage occurred to a ranch in between to the 2 villages, where the unanchored farm house was swept away. At the same ranch, 3 large semi trucks with trailers attached to the backs were lofted and thrown hundreds of feet. A person in Grenora was killed when the bar she was taking cover in was ripped apart. The tornado had gradually weakened when it had reached Hanks, therefore only numerous trees were snapped and a metal grain silo was blown away.
EF0 N of Bonetrail Williams 11:34 AM - 11:35 AM .4 miles 14 yards (42 ft) $0 A weak tornado tossed around the debris left behind by the Pleantywood EF4 a few hours earlier.
EF0 E of Bonetrail Williams 11:36 AM - 11:36 AM .06 miles 2 yards (6 ft) $50 A brief landspout damaged a shed.
EF1 SE of Bonetrail Williams 11:36 AM - 11:38 AM 1.3 miles 57 yards (171 ft) $100,000 A cone tornado damaged a barn and destroyed multiple storage containers. A corn field was flattened in areas. 1 horse was injured.
EF0 W of Bonetrail Williams 11:37 AM - 11:38 AM .6 miles 46 yards (138 ft) $0 A landspout caused no damage.
EF5 From Williston to S of Mandaree Williams, McKenzie, Dunn 11:40 AM - 12:28 PM 72.4 miles 2024 yards (6072 ft) $850,000,000 37 deaths - See Section Below
EF0 SE of Williston Williams 11:58 AM - 11:58 AM .03 miles 4 yards (12 ft) $0 A weak tornado co-existed with the main EF5 tornado.
EF0 N of Arnegard Williams 12:01 PM - 12:04 PM .6 miles 12 yards (36 ft) $0 Another weak tornado co-existed with the main EF5 tornado.
EF2 SW of Alexander McKenzie 12:09 PM - 12:15 PM 4.8 miles 254 yards (762 ft) $950,000 1 death A relatively strong tornado mostly blew down trees, but also damaged a few structures. A barn sustained major damaged, with the roof blown off and the silo was bent to the ground. One person was killed when their RV was destroyed.
EF2 Waterford City McKenzie 12:26 PM - 12:28 PM 1.4 miles 34 yards (102 ft) $300,000 A small but powerful tornado caused damage to 30 houses and multiple trees and telephone poles were snapped.
EF3 From E of Croff to SW of Twin Buttes McKenzie, Dunn 12:36 PM - 1:10 PM 22.6 miles 385 yards (1115 ft) $8,000,000 A large tornado caused major damage to a reservoir near Croff. In addition to multiple barns being left with only interior walls standing, a section of a pine forest was blown down. Winds were estimated at 140MPH. Also the first tornado of 2 twin tornadoes.
EF3 From E of Croff to W of Twin Buttes McKenzie, Dunn 12:37 PM - 1:08 PM 21.3 miles 207 yards (621 ft) $7,500,000 A second large tornado briefly lofted an unanchored home and mangled a pivot sprinkler. The edge of a small power plant also sustained major damage, and an explsoion led to a forest fire that became an extremly large fire due to 50 mph winds. The fire eventually burned 3,936 acres. Winds were estimated at 135MPH. Also the second tornado of 2 twin tornadoes.
EF0 WNW of Medicine Hole Dunn 12:42 PM - 12:47 PM 4.8 miles 105 yards (315 ft) $0 A finger tornado caused no damage.
EF2 From W of Killdeer to NE of Manning Dunn 12:46 PM - 1:00 PM 11.2 miles 66 yards (198 ft) $2,000,000 Another finger tornado caused sustainable damage to multiple structures. The most notable instances was a bar in Killdeer had its roof completely removed and a truck was tossed through an outer wall of a barn, causing the building to collapse, killing 2 horses and injuring 1 person.
EF1 N of Emerson Dunn 12:52 PM - 12:55 PM 4.9 miles 48 yards (144 ft) $100 A very fast moving tornado snapped multiple 1 foot in diameter trees and downed 3 telephone poles.

Notable Tornadoes Edit

Plentywood/Dagmar/Bonetrail/Williston Tornado Edit

Williston/Waterford City Tornado Edit

Derecho Edit

At 9:04 AM, a large storm complex fromed over western Montana, causing heavy rain and 65 mph straight line winds. Edit

Flooding Edit

Notable hailstorms Edit

November 19th (Regina/Chamberlain, SK) Edit

Hail damage

Hail damage to a cars in Chamberlain

At 7:45, a supercell began producing 3.5 inch in diameter sized hail across southern Saskatchewan. The hardest hit towns were Chamberlain and Aleysbury. In Aleysbury, 75% of the Corn Crops were flattened. Cars were severely damaged, with many having deants on the roofs and broken windows. Houses also suffered minor roof damage and large branches were broken off trees. 3 people were injured. Damage amounts totaled at $350 million (2016 USD). It was noted as one of the worst hailstorms in Canadian history.

November 19th (Plentywood, MT) Edit

Hail damage corn

Hail damage to corn

At around 10:15 AM, the Plentywood EF4 touched down. When the tornado struck Plentywood, a hailstorm producing hail up to 4.25 inch in diameter hailstones followed only seconds behind the tornado. Untouched neighborhoods were battered by the hail. The Sheridan Hospital, which already sustained a major blow from the EF4 tornado saw grapefruit sized hail. Corn and other fruit fields south of Plentywood were extremely damaged by the hail, with 85% of Sheridan County's corn supply being destroyed. Damage amounted to $550 million in damages (2016

November 19th (Wiliston, ND) Edit

Siding hail damage

Hail damage to a siding of a barn house

At 12:00 PM, a severe hailstorm buffeted the southern outskirts of Wiliston. Baseball to softball sized hail damaged almost all of what was left of Wiliston. Farms along the Missouri River suffered major siding and Roof damage. Tractors were badly damaged and tree branches were broken. Just like the Plentywood storm, many corn and grape crops were severely damaged. Some of the larger stones also caused dents in outdoor tiling, and one house reported a hole in the roof. Damages amounted $100 million in damages (2016 USD). One person who's house was destroyed by the EF5 tornado died 3 days later from his injuries.