Moderate Rainstorm Bernie
Rainstorm Bernie
Bernie at peak intensity
Some attributes
First Highest Rainfall: 4.2 inches (Plaster City, CA)
Second January 9- January 13
Third 26 mph (Sacramento, CA), 1009 mBar (Jones City, CA)
Other attributes
Fourth Areas Affected: California, Nevada, Orgeon
Fifth 8 direct deaths, 17 indirectly
Sixth $42.9 million (2016 USD)

Moderate Rainstorm Bernie was a 4 day rainstorm that affected some of the West Coast and Southwest. In more then 100 locations across California saw a 2 hour rain total of more then 1 inch. The heaviest rain was seen in San Diego and Imperial counties. In Plaster City (which is in San Diego county), in just 2 hours 4.2 inches of rain fell. In other places, heavy rainfall lead to flash floods which killed 8 and caused around $42 million in damages (2016 USD). Sleek roads and near 0 visibility caused thousands of accidents, which killed 15. 2 others were killed in lightning sparked fire in Reno, Nevada.

  • Rainfall amounts on January 10 for part of southern California.
  • A mix of warnings in effect for extreme southern California on January 10. Although high wind warnings were issued, no gusts higher then 20 mph were recorded in the south.
  • Flooding in the Bakersfield area.

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