Messinaburgh, Messina

Messinaburgh's Skyline from Georgia Bay in 2014.
Founded 1954
Incorporated 2001
Population 4,264,331 (2016)
Tallest Building Iquiq National Bank Tower
Highest Elevation 3 ft.
Country Iquiq
State Messina
County Capital
Township None
Part of the
Northern Iquiq Region

Messinaburgh (Meh-see-nuh-burg) is the largest city and capital of the Iquiq province Messina. Messinaburgh is the 2nd-largest-city in Iquiq and the 7th largest on the Arctic continent. Messinaburgh had a population of 4,264,331 in the 2016 census.


Founding and State Capital (1976-2003)Edit

In 1954, Georgiasta Messina sailed to a bay that she named Georgia Bay and settled inland in northern Iquiq. Messinaburgh went through many harsh snowstorms of the 1971-72 season, but later the town grew as the immigrant population rose. At least 350 families from 23 countries moved to Messinaburgh. 2% were from Cedar, 6% from OUS, 27% from Venesilo, 53% from Denia, 1% or less were from Quaddo. Messinaburgh's city council decided to make the Messina Territory into a province. In 2002, Messinaburgh was selected capital. Not until 2003, the territory became a province and the government moved to Messinaburgh.

Modern history (2004-present)Edit

Rapid growth occurred in the years of 2004-2007 due to a major increase of jobs and land in the city. By October 2006, Messinaburgh's population doubled. Messinaburgh was one of the major battlegrounds during the Arctic Crisis of 2008-2010, when North Point tried to invade the northern coast of Iquiq. The navy fleet from North Point struggled to get through Georgia Bay, as many of Iquiq's coast guard was protecting all of the borders during the war. In 2011, the city of Messinaburgh became the second-largest city in the country of Iquiq. For three years between 2012-2015, the area of northern Messina was affected by a flood/drought event, in which Messinaburgh was partially destroyed by both. In 2016, Messinaburgh's population was raised by another one million residents, making the city the fastest growing in the whole country. In 2017, estimates have shown that Messinaburgh's population could make it the largest city in Iquiq by 2021.


Messinaburgh has a very cold climate. The strongest tornado recorded was an EF3 tornado that killed two people in the north side. Below is the normal temperature chart. Earth quakes form very often too, being on a coastal fault line. The strongest was an 8.8 in 1976 that killed 46 people and destroyed homes.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Yearly
-22.7°F -2.1°F 5.6°F 23.2°F 48.2°F 63.5°F 61.1°F 54.4°F 32°F 11.3°F 3.8°F -16°F 21.9°F