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Mercedes is a city in Oklahoma. The city was founded on September 24, 2014, and is named after Mercedes Flowers, Grandmother of Tiar D'Vaughn. The city grew very quickly next to the towns of Sayre and Elk City in the northwestern area of the state and surpassed Oklassey (formerly Oklahoma City) as the state's largest city in 2055.

Mercedes is the commercial district capital of the Midwest. More than 60-percent of the lands within the city limits are zoned for commercial development. The metropolis has vast and well-maintained networks of infrastructure. The city is known as "Soft City", a nickname it earned by tirelessly combating aging freeways and surface roads.

Mercedes is the only city in the United States to have a first female Mayor, and the only city in the nation to have only female Mayors. The city has never had a male Mayor in its history. Likely due to this, Mercedes is a relatively pleasant place to live and work, due to massive crackdowns on discrimination at all levels, brought on by the empathy for the city's suffering and worst-off.

- History - Edit

The City of Mercedes was created, ironically, in a completely different place - Spokane, in Washington State.

The founder of the city, Tiar D'Vaughn, had been devastated by news of the death of his Grandmother Mercedes "Marcy" Flowers, who had lost her third battle against cancer. A young teen at the time of her death, Tiar single-handledly designed a layout of any entire metropolis and named it in honor of his Grandmother. Tiar went on to become a field meteorologist with The Weather Channel.

The papers containing the layouts for the city were lost to the wind for a time, before they were intercepted by a woman at a freeway service stop near Fort Collins in Colorado.

The woman is a well-known civil engineer named Israel Alice. She followed the map to the city of Sayre in Oklahoma, and met with other civil engineers around the world to help bring the City of Mercedes the fresh start that its creator had intricately designed.

In 2019, the city of Mercedes was officially incorporated, and had a population of nearly 9-thousand. Engineers and architects made up the better part of the 9-thousand. By 2020, Mercedes had achieved an exponential grown rate of population, hitting the 22-thousand mark in February. By 2030, more than 140-thousand people resided in the ever-growing city.