The May 6, 2016 tornado outbreak was a tornado outbreak that caused at least 8 tornadoes and more than 10 deaths.


May 6 eventEdit

F# Location County/District State Path Length Max. Width Comments/Info.
F0 E of Troy Tomb WY 1 mile 30 yds. A very brief tornado scattered small fragments of trees and ripped shingles off of at least 13 homes.
F0 SW of Jalisco Crest JT 0.6 miles 50 yds. A high-end F0 tornado destroyed a barn near the community of Jalisco.
F1 East Carbondale area Crest JT 3.7 miles 325 yds. A tornado damaged at least 85 homes and businesses along a three-and-seven-tenths-mile path. Mid-grade F1 damage occurred to a poorly built home when its roof partially blew off. A neighborhood of 25 homes sustained major damage to vinyl sidings and roof material, such as shingles, roof awnings, etc., and moved a shed at least three feet off of its foundation but was still in tact. The last noted damage was to trees in a park before dissipating.
F2 East Carbondale area Crest JT 8.1 miles 200 yds. 2 deaths - A large tornado followed the same path as the first tornado, causing major damage to homes that were already damaged or destroyed by the first tornado.
F1 W of East Carbondale Crest JT 1.6 miles 155 yds. Two barns were destroyed on a farm.

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