500+ feetEdit

1. Bank of IquiqEdit

Bank of Iquiq
Tall (Commercial)

Bank of Iquiq in 2014.
Built 2008
Status Standing
Height 1,007 ft.
Part of
Downtown Cawa

2. Edstanza E. Hankzank BuildingEdit

Edstanza E. Hankzank Building (2787 Momostan Street)
Tall (Residential)
2787 Momostan Street

The tower is the fifth tallest in the state of Messina.
Built 2000
Status Standing
Height 654 ft.
Part of
Downtown Cawa

Under ConstructionEdit

Delta TowerEdit

Delta Tower
Tall (Industrial)
[[Image:{{{image location}}}|235px|center|]]
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Built Estimated by 2017.
Status Under Construction
Height 1,453 ft.
Part of
Downtown Cawa

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