State Roads in Colossians are very important for transportation. The state roads usually contain speeds between 60-70 mph in Colossians. From the busiest being State Road 4 to the quietest being State Road 675, the state roads are listed below.

Jackson, Colossians

Jackson is a major stop for many State Roads.

State RoadsEdit

State Road 2Edit

State Road 2 runs along the eastern edge of Jackson moving the N/S direction. It starts near Pismo Beach and ends in Globalsville. It has a road length of 274.6 miles and has over 78 cars per minute on the road. The busiest section of the road is near I-98 where cars commute to Columbia City.

State Road 3Edit

In the rural areas of Woodnymph County, State Road 3 lies just west of Echo, a small town that has a population of 300. The state road is only 1.3 miles long and travels by many abandoned farms. The road was considered to be demolished by the state, but it was not done so because of local residents wanting to keep the historic road. The road has started to have growing weeds coming through, but it is said that the state will cut the weeds down sometime soon.

State Road 4Edit

Starting in the heart of Jackson, State Road 4 runs along several cities. It is the busiest state road in Colossians. Below are the major intersections:

County City Highway
Yoyo Jackson Main Street
Sauerkraut Bye Bye Cliffs State Road 145
Black Bluff Black Bluff Interstate 27
Posey Poseyville Highway 35

State Road 7Edit

State Road 7 is a state road that starts as Highway 7 in Bedford. The State Road makes its major intersections in Brownsburg, Markham, and Haishen. It travels 159 miles in the E/W direction.

State Road 7 sign

State Road 7 sign near Buffalo Hill.

State Road 11Edit

State Road 11 is a minor state road in Columbus County, that starts at an intersection and goes to downtown Columbia City.