June 26, 2007 Iquiq tornado outbreak
Some attributes
First Tornadoes: 12
Second Strongest: EF4
Third Deaths: 4
Other attributes
Fourth Areas Affected: Northern and North-Central Iquiq

The June 26, 2007 Iquiq tornado outbreak was a tornado outbreak that killed four people in the provinces of Messina and Odonoparo.

Confirmed tornadoesEdit

12 4 4 2 1 1 0

June 26 eventEdit

List of confirmed tornadoes – Tuesday, June 26, 2007
EF# Location Division State Path length Max width Damage Summary
EF0 WSW of Wereom 2 Messina 0.3 miles 50 yds. $2,500 A tornado touched down in a field.
EF2 N of Marsana to Sermin 7, 11 Messina 12.2 miles 400 yds. $600,000 A tornado hit at least 15 buildings, ripping a roof off of one and blowing in a side of a mall near Sermin.
EF1 W of Clova 5 Odonoparo 2.2 miles 340 yds. $500,000 18 houses were damaged, with an additional 23 outbuildings being destroyed. Numerous trees were snapped or twisted and power lines were bent to the ground.
EF4 Hoshimoti area 13 Messina 13.1 miles 1400 yds. $2,004,700 2 deaths - A brief but very powerful tornado ripped through the Simo suburb of Hoshimoti, destroying many homes and buildings, causing distress on Highway 332, where cars were blown off the road and a store was almost decimated. West Hoshimoti High School was obliterated to the point that metal poles were uplifted and thrown over four miles away. A neighborhood was completely swept away, where 1 person was killed. The Hoshimoti Middle School collapsed, where 1 person was killed. The tornado dissipated near Highway 85. Some experts say that this tornado could have been an EF5 tornado with winds of at least 210 mph.
EF3 Messinaburgh area Capital Messina 16.8 miles 1650 yds. $9,000,000 2 deaths - A tornado hit Messinaburgh, destroying several homes and buildings.
EF1 NNW of Knivan (First tornado) 1 Messina 0.5 miles 100 yds. $100 A tornado snapped three to four trees.
EF1 NNW of Knivan (Second tornado) 1 Messina 1 mile 150 yds. $35,000 At least 20 outbuildings were damaged or destroyed.
EF1 NNW of Knivan (Third tornado) 1 Messina 0.7 miles 50 yds. $1,000 A tornado destroyed crops and snapped trees.
EF0 SW of Murran 10 Messina 0.2 miles 50 yds. $500 A tornado briefly touched down.
EF0 NNE of Cawa 10 Messina 2.4 miles 350 yds. $100,000 A tornado caused a tree to fall on a home, crushing a car, snapping trees, and even throwing a baby doll for at least 30 miles.
EF2 WNW of Cawa 10 Messina 0.6 miles 100 yds. $200,000 A mobile home was destroyed.
EF0 Muchaga area 16 Odonoparo 4.34 miles 250 yds. $400,000 A tornado snapped trees and busted windows in a home. The tornado also snapped power lines and crushed a mobile home.