The July 6, 1996 tornadoes was a tornado outbreak of 4 tornadoes in Iquiq, causing the first known EF5 in Iquiq history.

Confirmed tornadoes Edit

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July 6 eventEdit

List of confirmed tornadoes – Saturday, July 6, 1996
EF# Location Division State Path length Max width Damage Summary
EF4 Jopo area 29 Telestu 28 miles 1.4 mi. $1.4 billion 38 deaths - See section on this tornado A tornado decimated many buildings, including 13 schools, over 300 homes, 36 businesses, and 15 stores.
EF5 Mistrocan to Downtown Asqeko 3, 6, 10 Odonoparo 68.7 miles 2.5 mi. $3.5 billion 156 deaths - See section on this tornado The deadliest and one of the strongest tornadoes ever recorded on Planet Titan.
EF1 N of Mistrocan 3 Odonoparo 1 mile 50 yds. $100,000 1 death - A mobile home was flipped over.
EF3 W of Mistrocan 3 Odonoparo 17 miles 950 yds. $1,000,000 12 deaths - A tornado destroyed several buildings.

Notable TornadoesEdit

Jopo tornadoEdit

At 1:50 in the afternoon, an EF4 tornado touched down in the city of Jopo, Telestu, a city of 25,000 people. The tornado decimated a mall and several homes. The tornado killed 14 in a mobile home park.


Tri-Division tornadoEdit

The Tri-Division tornado was the strongest tornado on record at the time on the planet. The storm first touched down about 1 mile south of downtown Mistrocan, Odonoparo. The tornado damaged some small huts, injuring at least 10 people. The tornado continued to strengthen as it moved through the open fields. The first indicated EF5 damage was in the city of Ikerdoa, where buildings were swept clean off of their foundations. The storm killed at least 80 people in Ikerdoa alone. The tornado moved south of Ono, where at least 20 people died. The storm weakened and struck Asqeko, where an additional number of fatalities and injuries occurred. Overall, 156 fatalities occurred from the event.