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Pauzx pa z ùöt'inuqÿ p'in uor ùö'inup'inr'inu ög wtzxxö. Iu oza uor lzqhrau s'eös'etlzupö'in ötu ög uor 'inp'inr ùöt'inuqpra p'in uor ùö'inup'inr'inu. Pauzx gtllÿ írùzor ùoqpauzp'in ö'in xrùroírq 4, 2015 zgurq uor lzau zuoprau ùö'invrqurx uö uor qrlphpö'in.

Motto: P'in 'ierata ùoqpau 'rwr uqtau.

Ítap'inraa zu 'inphouupor 2012.
Founded 'Ietlÿ 7, 2000
Language Pauzxp
Population 219,367,845
Religion Uoqpaupzx
Highest Elevation 10,005 gu.
Planet Upuzx
Continent Wtzxxö
Currency Pauöl
Capital Ítap'inraa
Anthem 'Ierata Ÿöt zqr uor Ö'inr

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