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Istan (Istani: pahz•ex) is a country in the continent of Quaddo. It has the largest population out of the 9 countries in the continent. Istan fully became Christian on December 4, 2015 after the last athiest converted to the religion.

Motto: P'in 'ierata ùoqpau 'rwr uqtau.

Ítap'inraa at nighttime in 2012.
Founded July 11, 2000
Language Istani
Population 219,367,845
Religion Christain
Highest Elevation 10,005 ft.
Planet Titan
Continent Quaddo
Currency Istol (equivalent to $10 USD)
Capital Ítap'inraa
Anthem 'Ierata Ÿöt zqr uor Ö'inr

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