Fedsca Skyline

Fedsca skyline from Hillside Park
Founded 1683
Incorporated 1702
Population 722,085
Tallest Building Prinicipality Building (620 ft)
Highest Elevation 309 ft
Country Quextin
State Omanu
County Kral
Township Fedsca
Part of the
The Gold Northwest Region
Fedsca is the capital of Quextin (est. 1893, previous capital was Trivinia) and 3rd largest city to Pierra and Trivinia. Fedsca is mainly a resort town, the third highest umber of hotels anywhere else in Quextin; over 15,000 in the urban region.

History Edit

In the mid-1600s, an expadetion group from Trivinia traveled north, seeking to build another city. 3 years later, they came across the northwestern coast of Quextin and started a settlemnt there. They named it Fedsca, after the leader of the group, Harold Fedsca.

In 2014, the city suffered major damage after severe storms produced an EF5 tornado that causedover $75 billion in damages (2014 USD) and killed 73 people.

Geogrpahy Edit

The landscape at the coast of Fedsca is relatively flat, with the exception of a few cliffs at the Fedsca Cove. Towards downtown, which is a few miles inland, the land gets hillier, with the Sugar Hills being the highest points in the city.

Climate Edit

The climate of Fedsca is humid an warm in the summer, but bone chilling and cloudy in the winter. The record high was 107F in July, 1983. The record coldest was -18F on January 8, 2012. The average percipitation in inches is 32.8, mainly in June. The average snowfall in inches is 4.2, mainly in January.

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