Fayton, Colossians is a small town in the county Fay County. The town has a population of 680 people.

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Founded June 21, 2012
Incorporated 2012
Population 680
Tallest Building County Courthouse
Highest Elevation 695 ft.
Country OUS
State Colossians
County Fay
Township Fay Center
Part of the
Colossians Center Hills and Valleys Region


In 2012, after 8 years of people desiring the dangerous location of Fayton, brave travelers began settling in Fayton. The town was possibly named after Fay Glö'rwrq. The town began out very well and continued to be a beautiful town.

2013 tornadoEdit

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In the morning hours of May 31, 2013, a large, violent tornado touched down about 10 miles SW of the town center. The tornado was forecasted to move west of Fayton, but the tornado took a violent turn. The tornado struck Fayton killing 4 people, destroying everything in sight. The tornado then went on to Jayton to kill 4 more people. The tornado was later rated F5.