El Corazón de Buenavista
El Corazón de Buenavista capital
The capital of Buenavista, Hermoso Rio at night.
Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Level 19,351 ft. above sea level (Highest peak)
Location Southeast Asia
Founded Unknown
Inhabitants 91,845,107 (as of June 2015)
El Corazón de Buenavista, also known shortly as ECDB, Buenavista or Buenavista's Heart, is a large island nation in Southeast Asia, in the Pacific side. El Corazón de Buenavista is located just east of the Philippines and Guam.


Buenavista Island

The 16 provinces of Buenavista; Hermoso Rio (blue), Delvalle (yellow), Isla Saavedra (red), Ilanuras (green), Puros (brown), Cereza (light blue), Tristeza (gray), Mandarina (black), Ciruela (purple), Suerte (blue violet), Claveria (lavender), Inmejorable (orange), Catalan (light green), Rozsas (dark red), Bonita (bright pink)

El Corazón de Buenavista is located thousands of kilometres east of the Philippines, and just near Guam. You can reach Guam by boat within 2 hours of sailing, while an airplane to the Philippines will take about 3 hours.

Being located near the equator, El Corazón de Buenavista has a whole tropical rainforest climate. Various plants grow in the country, and also has a wide diversity of animals and plants.

About 95% of the origin species in El Corazón de Buenavista has not been listed endangered, for El Corazón de Buenavista still has suitable and sustainable environment for all kinds of tropical diversity.

The capital of El Corazón de Buenavista, Hermoso Rio (also colored blue in the picture above), has the southernmost point in the country, while the province Puros (colored brown in the image) has the northernmost point in the country. El Corazón de Buenavista is double the size of Taiwan, and is nearly half the size of the Philippines.

The capital of El Corazón de Buenavista, the city Santa Catarina, sits at the Southernmost point.