Cyclone William was the earliest recorded cyclone to hit the Austrio alley, the cyclone was a Category 5 rated cyclone

Meteorological Synopsis Edit

On August 7 a tropical low formed near the Austrio ocean which is located 8,500 miles away from Austrio, the Austrio Weather Center (AWC) the AWC highlighted a 24.8% chance of development within 6 hours, and within 12 hours a 87.6% it was also the only storm highlighted ever by the AWC to have a 100.0% chance of development within 24 hours, they were concerning a weak cyclone according to this special weather statement in a weather paper

"Here is a Special Weather Statement for Austrio, updated hourly. A Strong Tropical Low has developed about 8,900 miles away from the Austrio Weather Center's main location in Republika e madhe e Austrio, the storm will likely form into a strong tropical storm or a weak category 1 cyclone...but flooding is still possible. a Flood Watch is also in effect, as well as a possible weak tornado or two, therefore a tornado watch will likely be issued shortly" the storm strengthened...this is a wip.

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