Constantine, Gsaturna is a large city in the state of Gsaturna. It is the county seat of Rain County. The population was 28,627 as of the 2015 census.

Constantine, GS, OUS
Large City

Constantine in 2014.
Founded June 21, 2011
Incorporated 2012
Population 28,627 as of the 2015 census
Tallest Building Rain County Courthouse (Gsaturna)
Highest Elevation 807 ft.
Country OUS
State Gsaturna
County Rain
Township Russia
Part of the
Polar Plains Region


In 2011, travelers from Bedford, Colossians, and Sandy became tired of their lands because it was too hot to farm. They also moved because of major hurricanes and tornadoes. The first person to step in the area after perambulating the vast lands of Jupiter and Wyominga was Constantine Schleppwood. He wanted to name the area after himself. Even though 17 out of the 18,000 men and women died, 17,983 still made it to settle. They began to settle in the area about 45 miles SE of Louisville, the largest city in Gsaturna, and 79 miles NNE of Medora, the state capital. The city became incorporated as a town in 2012, but didn't become a city until 2014. In 2012, a large, violent, lupine tornado ripped through the southeastern side of Constantine, shredding up the courthouse, a large convenience store, and over 25 homes killing 23 people. The bizarre tornado was later rated F4 by NTC (National Tornado Center).

In 2013, a man came through Constantine and built several churches. The town grew quite instantaneously after he built several shopping malls. The man also helped rebuild the courthouse that the community had been working on. He later became a citizen of the town and was awarded an honor prize. When the town became a city in 2014, the city's population synchronously aggrandized to at least 25,000 people. On November 24, 2015, a B6 ball (like a tornado but round like a ball made of wind) hit Constantine destroying a shopping mall and many homes, one of which was a camp ground which suffered major ground scouring. The town is still going under major clean-ups.


The climate for Constantine is rated "Dfc" which is a sub-arctic climate.

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  • Constantine was rated 43 on best cities to live in OUS in 2015.
  • Constantine has been hit by 15 tornadoes.
  • Constantine was rated 2 on best cities to live in OUS in 2016.