Axis County is a decent sized county in the state of Sandy. The county seat is Sandy Beach. The population as of the 2015 census is 3,775,627.

Axis County, SY, OUS
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Founded 2008
Population 3,775,627
Tallest Building 123RF Tower
Highest Elevation 380 ft.
Country OUS
State Sandy
Townships 7
Part of the
Southwest Tropics Region

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In 2008, a small territory was created and made into a county on May 16, 2008. The first county seat was Barksborough until the county government decided to move to Sandy Beach. Sandy Beach became state capital on March 4, 2009.

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  • Axis County is the most populated county in Sandy.

Populated Places in Axis County, Sandy

Cities Towns Communties Ghost towns
Sandy Beach Wray Pine Tree Grove Hyde
Barksborough Wilcox Heights Springs Yogi Run
Green Hills Diamond Lookout None
Patton Oscars Lafayetteville None
None Millionmiles Merchant None
None Bixby Kings None
None Liftwood Queens None
None Clementine Tonsillitis None
None Twin Falls Deer None
None None Flintston None