Old tornado pic

Earliest picture of a tornado in Austrio, taken at 2103 on December 11, 1903


Largest city in Austrio, Port William.

Austrio is a large country located over the South Pacific Ocean, the country has it's own tornado tornadoes are surprisingly common in Austrio...Austrio was founded by William J. Johnson in 1709...William resided in what would be later called in 1712 "Williamsburg" and then renamed to "Port William" in 1756, when William died.

World War I's effects Edit

Severe damage was reported to many towns and cities in Austrio, as it was used as a battleground for the US army...a Ghost Town named Johnsonsburg was used as a Military base with permission from Austrio's government.

World War II's effects Edit

In 1941 the US Army returned to Johnsonsburg to get supplies for World War II, in 1943 a large explosion engulfed Port William...and the US Army base in Johnsonsburg was destroyed by the Soviet Union in early 1945 Austrio was evacuated to Australia, the closest country that wasn't a war-ground...but only 2 weeks later they were allowed to return as World War II had ended...when they came back they saw the devastation in Austrio.

F5 damage

Damage in Port William from the explosion

Tornadoes Edit

Austrio is in the perfect area for tornadoes, first learned back in 1796 when a reported Earthquake moved the Island 25 miles...which would be followed by a powerful outbreak only 2 weeks later, on average 295-500 tornadoes touch down in Austrio per year, there was only 1 year on record (1942) where there was no tornadoes.

Hail damage corn

Damage from US tanks still evident in Corn Fields as of 2008 (but no longer as of 2017)

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