The April 1-2, 2016 tornado outbreak was a tornado outbreak that killed 35 people and produced 18 tornadoes.

Tornadoes Edit

18 7 4 3 1 2 1

April 1 eventEdit

F# Location County/District State Path Length Max. Width Comments/Info.
F1 Sopperton area Yoyo CO 1.6 miles 140 yds. An outbuilding sustained major damage, with a caved-in roof. Another building sustain roof damage, along with busted windows and hundreds of downed trees. At least 12 homes were damaged, 3 outbuildings were destroyed, and at least 300 trees and power lines downed.
F2 SE of Jackson Yoyo CO 1.3 miles 150 yds. Several buildings were destroyed and many trees were uprooted.
F4 WSW of Jeffersonville Jefferson WY 15.2 miles 650 yds. 1 death - A tornado tracked through a small subdivision, destroying at least 20 homes. One car was tossed in the air for at least 1 mile, landing on an industrial building near Marietta, injuring 2 people. Another building sustained major roof and exterior damage, collapsing on a group of 15 people, killing one and injuring 9. Another building sustained both interior and exterior damage as it was lofted in the air. The tornado damaged another 50 to 60 homes in the vicinity of Jeffersonville. Debris from the tornado was founed as far as the outskirts of Wyominga City, about 70 miles away.
F0 S of Vert Woodnymph CO 0.3 miles 30 yds. Roof paneling was ripped off from a garage that belonged to a farm.
F3 NNE of Mercer Sauerkraut CO 7.6 miles 150 yds. Preliminary results.
F5 NNW of Scope to SE of Chandler Yoyo, Sauerkraut CO 22.8 miles 800 yds. 28 deaths - Major damage has been reported in the Scope area. A nursing home has been destroyed and at least 7 people have been killed. Cars were blown off of I-87, killing 4 and injuring 15. A hospital was severely damaged and several restaurants were destroyed. At least 50 homes were swept off of their foundations and throwing trees. A hospital in Sauerkraut County was destroyed, where the seven deaths occurred. The tornado removed a roof off of a house before it dissipated near Chandler.
F1 SE of Scope Yoyo CO 3.3 miles 420 yds. Several homes sustained shingle damage and many trees were downed.
F0 Jackson area Yoyo CO 0.2 miles 75 yds. A shed was destroyed.
F0 N of Poseyville Posey CO 1.9 miles 90 yds. A barn was severely damaged.
F2 SSE of Poseyville Posey CO 5.1 miles 175 yds. A roof was removed off of a well-built home.
F4 W of Totel Allen JT 3 miles 675 yds. 5 deaths - A house was swept off of its foundation.
F0 NW of Supercalifragilistical Supercalifragilistical JT 1.1 miles 125 yds. Several trees were uprooted.
F0 SSE of Supercalifragilistical Supercalifragilistical JT 1.8 miles 125 yds. A barn was severely damaged.

April 2 eventEdit

F# Location County/District State Path Length Max. Width Comments/Info.
F2 Kingston area Kings BD 6.6 miles 500 yds. 1 death - Extensive damage has been reported in the vicinity of Kingston.
F1 ENE of Cherbourgh Tin, Cherbourgh DN 17.7 miles 430 yds. Several sheds were destroyed.
F1 SE of Tintown Tin DN Hundreds of trees and power lines were downed.
F0 NNE of Spring Mill Bedford BD 0.5 miles 75 yds. Several buildings including a nature center sustained shingle damage.
F0 S of On Minnesota BD

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