2017 Turtle Bend tornado
Some attributes
First Rating: EF5
Second Date: March 1, 2017
Third Fatalities: 3
Other attributes
Fourth Damages: $2.5 billion (2017 BD)

The 2017 Turtle Bend tornado was the strongest tornado to strike Buddhaland on record. The tornado slammed through downtown Turtle Bend, causing extraordinary damage.

Meteorological synopsisEdit

As part of the March 1, 2017 Buddhaland tornado outbreak, the Turtle Bend tornado was formed by a strong wind gust that originated near the northern end of the country. The tornado moved southeastward, causing horrendous damage as it tore through Turtle Bend. The tornado snapped or uprooted numerous trees. Also, the main waterfall that transports items down Wray Creek was destroyed, as the main barrier that created the waterfall was dug out of the ground, causing power outages across the city. The main bridge that crosses Wray Creek was blown more than half-a-mile away. The tornado downed numerous thorn trees and some tree-like plants just outside of Turtle Bend. The tornado wiped a hotel clean off of its foundation, assigning the tornado the first EF5 rating by the Weather Center of Buddhaland.


President of Buddhaland, Benjamin Wray, declared a federal emergency for the country to raise funding for the victims of the tornado. At least three people were killed in the tornado, which is the highest death toll on record in Buddhaland from a storm-related event. President Wray was formerly the mayor of Turtle Bend, and he decided to help rebuild the bridges, homes, businesses, and to remove the waterfall, as it was blocking the main stream of water to reaching Spa Springs. Ambassador to Indiana, Josiah Wray, built bridges in the locations of Doyle Creek and the southern bend of Wray Creek to make transportation by foot easier to Spa Springs and Waterfall Ridge.

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