The 2017 Port Tiki 500 is a sporting event in which racers compete for the champion title of the 2017 OUS racing series. The race will be held on June 10, 2017 in Port Tiki. The winner of the race was Quto Sweden.

New EntriesEdit


Car No. Driver Team Manufacturer
1 Oscar Riele (W) Team Yaruwoykeu Honda
3 Sebastian de Castro Wray Autosports Chevrolet
4 Estelle Wray Wray Autosports Chevrolet
5 Eduardo Wray Wray Autosports Chevrolet
7 Stefan Baroque (R) Wray Autosports Chevrolet
15 Mike Werava (R) Team Yaruwoykeu Ford
17 Wama Yama (R) Team Yaruwoykeu Chevrolet
20 Bob Neswick (W) Smith Racing Honda
22 York Beauregard (R) Smith Racing Honda
25 David Trachs Wray Autosports Chevrolet
26 John Hughs (R) Python Motorsports Honda
27 Melissa Unovo (W) Team Yaruwoykeu Chevrolet
28 Stunna Riora Laser Tech Racing Ford
29 Quto Sweden (R) Python Motorsports Chevrolet
48 Charlie McDonald (W) Smith Racing Honda
93 Jack Armstrong (R) Smith Racing Honda
94 Jolene Armstrong (R) Smith Racing Ford
98 Angela Chebaqua (R) Team Sierra Chevrolet


At 12:30 p.m., qualifying sessions started. The first racer to run on the field was David Trachs. Stunna Riora came onto the track next, having an average speed of 227.159 mph. Wama Yama set a new speed record of 234.416 mph as a 5-lap average. One car, Quto Sweden's car, wrecked on the front-straight. Luckily, the car was able to be repaired before the ending time of the qualifications.

Results Edit

  1. Wama Yama - 234.416 mph
  2. Oscar Riele - 232.162 mph
  3. John Hughs - 231.555 mph
  4. Eduardo Wray - 231.225 mph
  5. Melissa Unovo - 230.263 mph
  6. Charlie McDonald - 230.037 mph
  7. Quto Sweden - 229.998 mph
  8. Bob Neswick - 229.826 mph
  9. Jolene Armstrong - 229.817 mph
  10. Angela Chebaqua - 229.582 mph
  11. Jack Armstrong - 229.502 mph
  12. Mike Werava - 229.411 mph
  13. Estelle Wray - 229.273 mph
  14. Stefan Baroque - 228.784 mph
  15. Sebastian de Castro - 228.524 mph
  16. Stunna Riora - 227.159 mph
  17. York Beauregard - 226.841 mph
  18. David Trachs - 226.778 mph

Starting gridEdit

Row Inside Middle Outside
1 Yama (R) Riele (W) Hughs (R)
2 Ed. Wray Unovo (W) McDonald (W)
3 Sweden (R) Neswick (W) Jo. Armstrong (R)
4 Chebaqua (R) Ja. Armstrong (R) Werava (R)
5 Es. Wray Baroque (R) de Castro
6 Riora Beauregard (R) Trachs

Post-qualifying practiceEdit

The post-qualifying practice occurred on May 30, 2017. The practice featured two separate wrecks: Melissa Unovo and Mike Werava. The crash involving Unovo was caused when she lost control of the car. As a result, the car slammed into turn three. Unovo was sent to the Tiki State Hospital with leg pain complaints. Unovo suffered a sprained ankle, but said that she will be able to race on June 10. Unfortunately, Werava's crash was much worse. As Werava was exiting turn four onto the front-straight, the car spun backwards and went airborne. The car did a full backflip, resulting in debris landing on his helmet. Werava was rushed to the hospital, but was released because the cut was minor.

Pit Stop ChallengeEdit

Day One of the Pit Stop Challenge was very eventful, with Oscar Riele crashing while exiting pit lane to finish. Riele slid across the finish just 1.5 seconds after Wama Yama. Then, Eduardo Wray beat out Yama for the fastest pit stop by one-tenth of a second. In Heat Two, Quto Sweden set one of the fastest pit stops on record in Port Tiki Speedway history. Then, during the finals, Quto Sweden won over Eduardo Wray for the Day One championship. On Day Two, Sebastian de Castro and Estelle Wray faced each other for the Day Two championship. The overall championship consisted of Sweden and de Castro. Beating the old track record by two-hundredths of a second, Sebastian de Castro set a new pit stop record of 6.4 seconds.

Day OneEdit

Heat OneEdit

Driver #1 Time (seconds) Driver #2 Time (seconds)
Wama Yama 7.1 Oscar Riele 8.6
John Hughs 7.9 Eduardo Wray 7.0

Heat TwoEdit

Driver #1 Time (seconds) Driver #2 Time (seconds)
Melissa Unovo 8.4 Charlie McDonald 12.4
Quto Sweden 6.9 Bob Neswick 7.5
Jolene Armstrong 10.0 Angela Chebaqua 7.2


Driver #1 Time (seconds) Driver #2 Time (seconds)
Quto Sweden 6.6 Eduardo Wray 6.9

Day TwoEdit

Heat OneEdit

Driver #1 Time (seconds) Driver #2 Time (seconds)
Jack Armstrong 15.7 Mike Werava 7.8
Estelle Wray 7.7 Stefan Baroque 7.9

Heat TwoEdit

Driver #1 Time (seconds) Driver #2 Time (seconds)
Sebastian de Castro 6.9 Stunna Riora 7.2
York Beauregard 7.6 David Trachs 13.2


Driver #1 Time (seconds) Driver #2 Time (seconds)
Estelle Wray 7.0 Sebastian de Castro 6.5


Driver #1 Time (seconds) Driver #2 Time (seconds)
Quto Sweden 6.7 Sebastian de Castro 6.4 (pit stop record)


Beginning ceremonyEdit

At 10:00 a.m. on June 10, Judith Parks sang the national anthem of OUS at the race. The state song of Tiki, "Longing to be a Free State", was sung by the governor of Tiki, Martin Morris. Right after the two traditions were finished, all of the drivers came out onto the stage for the race. The starting grid and drivers were announced like they usually are. Then, all of the drivers were asked to get into their cars, which were already on the front straight. The owner of the track, A.J. Allen gave the command to start engines. The pace car, which was driven by Svlarlu'na Yaruwoykeu, led the field of 18 to the green flag at 10:15 a.m.

First halfEdit

During the first several laps, a crash occurred involving Melissa Unovo and Eduardo Wray, taking both cars out of the race. Another crash involved Angela Chebaqua, Jack Armstrong, and Mike Werava, which took out all of Row 4. Wama Yama had led most laps of the race.

Second HalfEdit

On lap 102, Wama Yama collided with Eduardo Wray, which sent both cars out. Then, Quto Sweden and York Beauregard fought for first place after the race off pit road. At about lap 150, four cars were involved in a crash. The four cars were Jolene Armstrong, Sebastien de Castro, Estelle Wray, and Stunna Riora.


Only two cars were left after the elimination round, Sweden and Beauregard. During the final two laps, Sweden held onto the lead and won the race.

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