2017 Ethos was the first ever Ethos Presidental election aginst two candiates with an incumbent President

the election wasnt close

Ethos election Results

Final Results

Results Edit

The results werent fare as Moth wanted to form Ethos as Ethos and Agra Ernie Zelda wanted to succed from the kingdom of Garret =

State/Final % Votes Candiates Canidates Points
Hop Hop Island 15% for Moth/Rights 34%votes for Zelda/Worther Gabriel Moth and Dakota Rights Ernie Zelda and Jasmine Worther 130 Moth 160 Zelda
Eas Ethos 50% ^ ^ 122 Moth 133 Zelda
West 100% ^ ^ 100% Moth 0% Zelda
Final 100% Def Win 560 Moth 760 Zelda

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