The 2016 Port Tiki 500 is a sporting event in which racers compete for the champion title of the 2016 OUS racing series. The race was held on June 11, 2016 in Port Tiki. The winner was Melissa Unovo.

New Race Entries Edit

  • Estelle Wray - The third woman to attempt to qualify for the race. She is the wife of Ed Wray, and she decided to race after his death in the No. 1 car.
  • Melissa Unovo - Unovo is making her first appearance since 2009.
  • Stunna Riora - Riora is making his first appearance ever in the race.

Practice (May 30, 2016) Edit

The practice run was scheduled for May 30, 2016 at 10:15 A.M. The 2013 winner, Charlie McDonald, suffered a crash on the front straightaway. McDonald tried correcting the spin, but he soon hit the wall. The fastest racer of the day was the rookie, Estelle Wray, who attained an average speed of 219.267 mph. The starting line-up went as it follows:

Pole Day (May 31, 2016) Edit

Pole Day occurred at 9:00 A.M. on May 31, 2016. Sebastian de Castro, from Tintown, Dannison, won the pole position.

Race Day (June 11, 2016) Edit

The race started with a wreck in turn 1 on the first lap. David Trachs and Eduardo Wray collided, with Trachs turning upside down. Both were sent to the hospital. Wray only had minor injuries, but David Trachs broke his right-side leg and arm when the car flipped over. The eventual leader after caution was Oscar Riele, who passed up Sebastian de Castro in the race. Oscar Riele led for 45 laps until a crash took place when he slammed into the wall on turn 3. Estelle Wray took the lead for another 30 laps, before being passed by Melissa Unovo. Wray took the lead back 10 laps before the finish, only having the lead for two laps before Melissa Unovo passed Wray up. Charlie McDonald, who started nearly in last place, had climbed to third place. McDonald passed Wray and was in second place. Melissa Unovo won the race, her first win at Port Tiki.

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