2016 North Cookie Ocean hurricane season
Some attributes
First First storm formed: January 10
Second Last storm dissipated: August 10
Third Strongest storm: Bernice
Other attributes

2016 North Cookie Ocean hurricane season was a season that started on January 1, 2016 and ended on December 31, 2016. The season typically has 25 storms per year, but the most active had 36 storms. This was the least active season on record.

Season summaryEdit

The season started out with the still active Hurricane Yvette, which later dissipated on January 5 after it crossed from the Milk Ocean to the North Cookie Ocean. The first storm, Arnold, stayed over warm, open waters near the Indigo Islands. On January 20, Bernice formed, and it became the second-earliest major hurricane on record. On March 7, Cole formed and struck the Indigo Islands the next day.

Storms Edit

Tropical Storm Arnold Edit

Arnold formed on January 10 near the Indigo Islands. Arnold attained a peak intensity of 70 mph and a barometric pressure of 996 millibars.

Hurricane Bernice Edit

Bernice was the earliest major hurricane on record in the basin. Bernice attained a peak intensity of 125 mph, and a pressure of 960 millibars.

Tropical Storm Cole Edit

Cole made landfall on the Indigo Islands on March 8, causing minimal damage.

Tropical Storm Donna Edit

Tropical Storm Donna formed on June 5, approximately 275 miles NNE of Port Tiki. Tropical Storm Donna hit Rigela as a high-end tropical storm, killing 15 people. Donna dissipated on June 9.

Hurricane Ethan Edit

Hurricane Ethan formed on July 17 near the Indigo Islands. Ethan peaked as a Category 2 hurricane and made landfall in Tiki, causing at least $400 million (2016 USD) in damages. The remnants of Ethan later went on to bring rain in Sandy, South Sandy, and Colossians.

Tropical Storm Fatima Edit

Tropical Storm Fatima formed on August 7 near Pony, causing minimal damage and injuring three people. The storm became a 60 mph storm the next day. Tropical Storm Fatima rapidly dissipated soon after on August 10.