The 2016-17 Iquiq hurricane season was an inactive season that featured seven named storms. The season ran from September 1, 2016 until April 30, 2017.


Tropical Storm AgoqeEdit

On October 6, a storm formed near Yaostu, causing some swells on the coast. The system gained winds of 40 mph and was named Agoqe, which is a male name meaning "God is great". Agoqe quickly made landfall near Decolo, Telestu, causing $45 million in damages and two fatalities.

Hurricane BerlinaEdit

On October 13, a storm formed in Georgia Bay. The storm rapidly intensified into a tropical storm with 45 mph winds. The system earned the name Berlina, which is a female name that means "love" in Iquiq. Berlina became a hurricane and made landfall in Yunoagin, which resulted in $500 million in damages and 16 fatalities. Berlina dissipated on October 18.

Tropical Storm CystoEdit

On October 18, a storm formed near the coast of Yaostu. The system became a tropical storm and was named Cysto, which means son of the wise one in Iquiq. Cysto began to quickly strengthen and attained 70 mph winds on October 20. Cysto made landfall in Lomé, which resulted in 17 fatalities. Cysto dissipated on October 23.

Hurricane DeceliaEdit

On November 30, a tropical depression formed 380 miles S of Lomé. The depression strengthened into a tropical storm on December 2, earning the name Decelia, which means blossom in Iquiq. Decelia became a hurricane on December 3. Decelia peaked with winds of 110 mph, right before making landfall in Lomé, killing 27 people and causing $1.2 billion in damages. Decelia dissipated on December 7.

Hurricane ErroEdit

On December 14, a tropical depression formed near Yaostu. The system rapidly strengthened into a tropical storm and was designated Erro, which is the equivalent of arrow in English. Erro began to rapidly strengthen as it neared Yaostu. Erro became a hurricane on December 17, and had 115 mph winds. Erro missed Iquiq and eventually weakened as it moved out to sea.

Hurricane FernestaEdit

A very well-defined tropical depression formed just 450 miles SSE of Lomé. The depression became a tropical storm and was named Fernesta. Fernesta rapidly intensified into a Category 4 hurricane in just 36 hours, just before making landfall near Monarowa, Minnisto, causing more than 5 billion Iquians ($2.5 billion USD) in damages. Hurricane Fernesta lasted from January 4-14, 2017.

Tropical Storm GetobaEdit

A weak tropical storm formed in the middle of the ocean on February 28. It was named Getoba. It dissipated shortly after on March 1.

Storm namesEdit

  • Agoqe
  • Berlina
  • Cysto
  • Decelia
  • Erro
  • Fernesta
  • Getoba
  • Hanna
  • Ianova
  • Jenino
  • Kaomo
  • Leighann
  • Menso
  • Noranna
  • Oniqi
  • Parita
  • Quto
  • Saroqua
  • Tatique
  • Veranna
  • Wegi

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