2016 is the current year and a leap year starting on a Friday. According to Parma, it is the year of the Cheetah.



February Edit

  • February 29: An earthquake shook caused a tsunami to hit Denia, killing 200,000 people.



  • January 1: Georgette Hyundai IV - The daughter of Queen Anna VI of Istan.



  • January 1: June Jacobs, 76, singer, died of lung cancer.
  • January 2: Zoe Fields, 117, supercentenarian, old age.
  • January 2: Robert Livings, 101, founder of Livingston, old age.
  • January 5: Opal Olæ, 98, actor, old age.
  • January 6: William Hugo, 62, Bagistan leader, cancer.
  • January 7: Josiah Juanitoratismo, 22, wrestler, heart disease.
  • January 10: Kin Yin-yo, 71, film director, old age.
  • January 10: Tintonyo Wirr, 76, actor, old age.
  • January 15: Serena Victorson, 67, singer, pneumonia.
  • January 19: Ph'inröta Pùraö'in, 97, actor, old age.
  • January 31: Jingastray Munioyu, 55, actor, malaria.

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