2015 Trivinnia earthquake
Epicenter of the earthquake
Some attributes
First 9.1 magnitude
Second 4 minutes, 28 seconds
Third XII on Mercalli Scale
Other attributes
Fourth Tsunami: No
Fifth 9,291 deaths, 158,017 injured, 823 missing
Sixth $482 billion (2016 USD)
The 2015 Trivinnia earthquake was the deadliest and costliest natural disaster in Quextin history and second deadliest in Xinnia's history. Killing over 9,000 people, Trivinnia and the surrounding areas were completely devastated. It occurred on March 26, 2015.

The earthquake Edit

Big earthquake

Damage in downtown Trivinnia

At 11:03 AM, the worst event in Quextin history occurred in Trivinnia. The 9.1 megathrust earthquake decimated everything within 50 miles of its epicenter. In downtown Trivinnia, hundreds of highrises over 150 feet were majorly damaged or destroyed. The megaquake forced millions of people to evacuate from Trivinnia county due to extreme liquefaction. In Fedsca, the ground moved up and down bye "Almost two feet!" says eyewitness David Philbert working at a local Target when the quake struck.


Damage in residential Pierra/Sesco

The quake was so strong that it shook the entire island and caused the whole island to receive at least 6.0 damage in each town. In Pierra, the skyscrapers in downtown swayed back and forth during the the quake, causing it to rain glass, concrete, and bricks on the streets below.