The 2002 Port Tiki 500 was held on June 8, 2002 at Port Tiki Motor Speedway in Port Tiki. The race was marred by two terrifying crashes, much like the wrecks from the previous year. The race was won by Svlarlu'na Yaruwoykeu, earning her second win at Port Tiki.


The race started with the pole sitter, Dennis Doro, leading the race for about 37 laps. On lap 49, a yellow flag came out for trash on the track. Another incident occurred like that on lap 52, when a beer can was blown onto the track. On lap 61, Svlarlu'na Yaruwoykeu took the lead for 15 laps. The race was then taken over by Tyson Scott, who lead for 18 laps. On lap 94, Svlarlu'na Yaruwoykeu took the lead back until the race was over. Yaruwoykeu led the race for 121 laps, a new race record.


Hugo Farnei and Vincent Marcello (Lap 27)Edit

On lap 27, Tyson Scott made a dangerous pass by Vincent Marcello, sending him into the wall. In front of Marcello, one of the rookies, Hugo Farnei, was hit by debris and spun in front of Marcello. Marcello struck the back of Farnei's car and sent Farnei into the air. Farnei hit the catch fence in mid-air, causing an explosion. Both drivers were sent to the hospital with complaints of pain. Hugo Farnei came out of the hospital with a broken leg and a broken right arm, and Marcello came out with a sprained wrist. The race was under a red flag for about 15 minutes to clean debris on the track.

Tyson Scott (Lap 188)Edit

On lap 188, a crash involving Tyson Scott occurred. A very strong wind gust sent Scott airborne into the catch fence. Scott's car rolled several times on the track before coming to a stop. Miraculously, he was not injured from the accident.

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