The 2001 Port Tiki 500 was the fourth running of the Port Tiki 500 Race. The race was held on June 9, 2001. It was deemed the worst race that occurred in Port Tiki. The race had the most crashes until 2006 when seven crashes occurred in that race.

June 2 (Practice)Edit

The day started off with Svlarlu'na Yaruwoykeu heading out of the pit lane, attaining a record speed of 237.534 mph, the highest ever attained in OUS Racing. Ed Wray slightly made contact with the inside wall and slid straight into the pit lane, destroying Melissa Unovo's and Oscar Riele's cars.

June 5 (Pole Day) - Death of Milo de CastroEdit

On turn 3, Milo de Castro spun several times and hit the outside concrete wall at 198.63 mph. After the car hit the wall, the car flipped over and landed upside-down on fire. Crew members got him out of the car. Castro was unconscious and was later pronounced dead at Tiki State Hospital. Jerry Rantz held the highest speed of the day with a high speed of 228.15 mph.

WORST racing crash ever! Fatal

WORST racing crash ever! Fatal

Milo de Castro flips several times and hits Mark Rose's car.


Ed Wray won the race.


Bob Neswick and Alexa Rodrico Crash (Lap 17)Edit

Deemed as the 2nd worst crash at Port Tiki, Bob and Alexa collided and flew off the track, injuring at least 18 spectators.

Michael Martin Crash (Lap 44)Edit

Martin suffered a major blow in the left side of his car after it had smashed into the pit wall.

Dennis Doro (Lap 102) Edit

Dennis Doro slid into the pit wall. His car engine and three tires went out of the car. Doro took a second hit and spun at least five times on the track. He was taken to Tiki State Hospital where he found out he had minor injuries. and was sent back to the race.

Svlarlu'na Yaruwoykeu-Johan Streter-Columbia Richards (Lap 117) Edit

A major crash occurred on the third turn on Lap 117. Johan Streter slightly made contact with Columbia Richards. Both went airborne, causing smoke and gasoline to fill the air. Richards landed upside-down on the back of Yaruwoykeu's car, causing all three to slide into the wall one more time.

Oscar Riele (Lap 192) Edit

Oscar Riele spun into the wall in turn one, causing him to go airborne and land upside-down.