The 1998 Port Tiki 500 was a major racing event in the OUS Racing Series. The race was held on June 13, 1997.

Results Edit

Racer Finish Home Country Running?
Huyna Grusimo 1 Parma Yes
Yvette Bretina 2 OUS Yes
Ed Wray 3 OUS Yes
Michael Martin 4 Iquiq Yes
Stro'qgven Tuu'htmsesnegeu 5 Parmania Yes
Bob Neswick 6 OUS Yes
Alexa Rodrico (R) 7 OUS Yes
Ophouÿozx 'Rwöqflörq 8 Istan Yes
Ryan Miles 9 OUS Yes
Yuri Munchiniz 10 Iquiq Yes


Svlarlu'na Yaruwoykeu Crash (Lap 196)Edit

As Lap 196 started, Svlarlu'na Yaruwokeu slightly collided with Jerry Rantz and slid into the wall, causing a major burst of gas and flipped over several times. The engine of Yaruwoykeu's car flew out and the car was on fire. Yaruwoykeu got out of the car and was rushed to Tiki State Hospital to be checked by special doctors. Rantz's car was slightly damaged after he slid into the pit lane wall.