1872 Trivinnia Earthquake
Trvinnia earthquake
Damage in Trivinnia
Some attributes
First 9.7 magnitude
Second 13 minutes 43 seconds
Third XI on Mercalli Scale
Other attributes
Fourth Tsunami: Yes
Fifth 73 deaths (1,000+ injured)
Sixth $1> billion (1872 USD)
The 1872 Trivinnia earthquake was the largest earthquake ever recorded on Xinnia. The quake lasted 13 minutes and spawned a colossal tsunami that leveled the east coast of Ratunay, 136 miles away. It is unclear how many people were killed in Ratunay.

The earthquake Edit

At 3:02 AM, June 16, 1872 a massive 9.7 earthquake decimated the eastern half of Quextin. The jolt lasted 13 minutes and caused liquefaction in Trivinnia and many places in the state of Golersta. Bye the time the quake ended, building collapses had been recorded in Pierra, over 250 miles away on the other side of Quextin. The earthquake itself only killed two people. Amazingly, the ground spared the people of Trivinnia and caused no aftershocks.

The tsunami Edit

Trivinnia tsunami

Tsunami wave in Seemiki

45 minutes after the earthquake, a 103 foot wave slammed into the coast. Amazingly, only 38 were killed, as many people on the coast saw the water recede and knew it was a tsunami. In Pierra, a 14 foot wall of water moved up the Pierra port, pushing large boats into the streets of downtown. In Ratunay, the wave leveled the town of Seemiki, killing 33.

Relief aids Edit

Note*** All money amounts are adjusted for 2016 inflation

  • Ratunay: Donated $1,300,000 to Quextin
  • Quextin: Donated $950,000 to Ratunay
  • Hyrophan: Donated $300,000 to Ratunay and Quextin
  • Samdonix: Donated $5,000,000 to Ratunay and Quextin
  • Samdonix Relief Center: Gave food, water and other supplies to Seemiki, Trivinnia, Pierra, and Sesco