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• 7/7/2018

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• 8/29/2017

You Are a Hurricane (Roleplay)

pretty much the rules on HHW
ill start
TS Doug forms near cabo verde
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• 8/20/2017

How much do you know about me?

In this game, we get to know about each other.
Example: (TG: What was the rating of the tornado that hit my house in 2009?)
(FireHatesSchool: EF3?)
(TG: Correct!)
Then, in this example, FHS will get to ask a question to me and Doug, and we would try to guess. If we both don't get it, then we just keep guessing. The person can also give hints if the people guessing are having trouble.
                                                                        Let's Start: 
                                        What was the very first named storm that I tracked?
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• 9/29/2015

City Spree

Should we start making a whole bunch of cities to help this wiki bloom?
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• 9/20/2015

Explode a town!

In this game, you get to blow up a town for a new one!
Also, no repeating the same town.
I'll start, I blow up Chicago for a town called Throwville.
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• 9/18/2015

A new Infobox coming!

In this infobox, it will be set up like the Infobox hurricane template on HHW, and you cane make your own town scale by Population. Along with that, there will be a Skyscraper Infobox where you can add all your skyscrapers in the town in the section.
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• 9/18/2015

What's your favorite city here?

Just a question!
Mine is Santa Catarina.
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• 9/5/2015


In this game you can have the population go up 1-5 or down 1 or 2. Each town will start at 100. If it makes it to 0, it will be gone. Which ever makes it to 200 first will win, and it will have a page.Once one is out, you have to add 1 town, starting at 100.
Piedmont, BD, OUS: 100
Palestine, GS, OUS: 100
Opal City, WH, Pony: 100
Wrayton, CO, OUS: 100
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